Our History


 Bell Tex a 4th generation family run General Construction Company added ALGAE BUSTERS Services in 1994.  With an overwhelming response and amazing results.  We quickly realized we had the ability to change the way the exterior of buildings and surfaces that grow algae could be cleaned.  We could offer the maintenance community a new tool.

 Experienced People

Having worked with numerous Companies, Universities, Hospitals and Municipal agencies, our portfolio is a mix of small to large projects.   When it comes to your project you can count on us to give you the best results possible.

Client Review

"Algae Busters treatment is a great tool for me.  It can be applied to any surface, it provides a uniform clean without damaging the surface, it has proven to be cost effective and the longevity surpasses your warranty.  My clients are amazed and happy with the results."   J. Hoover, AlA

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